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Destined to Sell

I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up selling, it must be in my genes as both my Dad and grandfather made their career from this respected tradition. My Family’s business “Gerry Hill Car Sales” has been established in South Wales for what feels like forever.

Some of my earliest childhood memories would be going to work with my Dad. On a weekend, I would sit behind his desk imagining that I was running the company, I’d listen to him fascinated as he spoke to customers, answering their questions, earning their trust and confidence then going on to sell them a car. I realised then that selling was the path I wanted to follow.

Growing up, I would find myself gazing out of the school bus windows at the houses we passed by and wondered what lay beyond the front doors. On the Television at that time was a programme called, “Homes under the Hammer”; little did I know, that many years later I would have appeared several times on that very same programme which inspired me to become an Estate Agency and run my own company.

Utilising my family’s philosophy of offering an approachable, reliable and trustworthy service, combining this with my enthusiasm and personal touch; I aim to make the emotional, sometimes daunting process of selling or buying a property as pleasurable and stress free as possible.

Whenever I get that initial enquiry from a prospective seller, I must say that the excitement never fades; I can’t wait to pick up my camera and take a look at their houses through my lens.

To enable me to offer some of the most competitive rates in the area I don’t need a glitzy town centre location, as what I offer is a home based office, steep in history and tales of the unexpected, dating back to 1856. The house is still work in progress, but after being empty 10 years has now become a lively family home once again.